Thursday, 16 February 2017

Weird end!.,

My soul ! 
Where is your grave, you can not see it is your end coming ?...
Spring is a heart feeling that hurts and perish like the first happiness !
The hope that swallows my soul in pieces of hell.
It is late and I must believe even when it may never come true !
Don't wait for lOve like a pretty message from nowhere !,
How can I ever desire love when I never felt it ?
There must be a time when my heart will end!.,
Oh, my dreams,,, I don't know if they will come someday true, 
And I don't know if I have any of them!!
Eternity or Love are weird, I never waited or wanted them.
Why, loneliness ends with the heart that still breathe in the battle of wind !?..
One day, the little memories will be the cutest that you have !
The older me, still writes about the path that will end someday !,,,
When you don't have life in you, there is no hope or love!
I don't know why I'm dreaming for, 
Maybe, they will come blue after all ?!,.
If, it is for you doesn't mean it must be for everyone else !
I may be not what people want but, I am just me.
Awake forever I will be in a breath that still waits !
It is late and I must believe even when it may never come true .,
Did I wake up in a loneliness world by myself,
Or is just me all alone ?,,

                                        - A. A. Popovici,

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