Thursday, 2 March 2017

Spring faith ? | ..|

The smell of flowers that I never smell it !
Be kind, like a flower in spring !
Where is my faith, I've lost it somewhere in this pain of mine ?
My galaxy is the spring that doesn't exist !
What is life without flowers !?
Do I smell deep like the spring that is impossible to come ?
The face of silence, that's all that I have left ...
Spring it is not for everyone in this life !
It feels quite a tragedy to know that you will never know lOve, no ?
Wishing for a friend that knows my pain and thoughts, 
Yet still wants to stay by my soul !
What is heaven without suffering ?.
Do I feel what I need to feel ?
Yet, I'm still like a green place far away !
Wishing for my spring to come someday .
Nothing instead for something, is that all that I desire ?,,.
Love is not the answer but, is a blissful thing !
My spring faith is waiting on the other side, again ?.
You must be happy even if it will be the last spring for you! !.

                              - A. A. Popovici,

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