Thursday, 2 November 2017

Road of writing ,,,.

Writing is my lover, dreaming alone .
I write, so I can not forget my loneliness road in life !
Your own fashion, write all you feel ?
Mood is just you, art is yourself ?.
When your life is reading books all day !.
Do you know what's gonna happen if you love to much the books, 
you will wake up and they will make your dream come true someday ?!
I want to be there where the books are and dream of magic !!!
Did you feel the pain of books ?
When the pain is so big I write and give everythig that I have in me !
I can not show you my true feelings because I like to play with words .
Poetry of a season isn't a happiness if you don't dream it !
It was yesterday about a book that will be my only true lover friend!
When you don't have ideas, 
you make them with what you have like the art that is inside you !
Writing is all that a writer can have sometimes in life !
I write because that's the real me, just the way I am .
Writing is joy and sadness to ...but ,
Words are not trash .

                                          - A. A. Popovici,

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