Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Self- art .

Nature and travel are my only dream in life of art ! Art of myself are the feelings that I can not tell in words ! I write alone about every photo that, I find in my walk in this life ! Sometimes, art is spooky. When writing is all that remains to me. I just have a dream, I don't know what is gonna come next ! Thinking is a history that is in your head, like numbers of math ! What is a feeling that words can't put it in white- black ? Art is more than the way the paint is, it's like the face of what your soul feels ! Black is a history of something that a memory can not forget what was in time ! What is a photo without a memory ? Or pain without a forgetfulness ? The lost memory of a photo . In  my loneliness I will stay because it's like a book without feelings and words ! The old art is like a painting, it sorrows your soul . When books are all that I have ! Pretty and art sometimes, are the same things . Writing is joy and sadness to . Photography is the art of our memories in time !

                                                                                     - A. A. Popovici,

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Never again !

When I miss autumn I know that summer has ended all my hopes ! Even happiness grows in time with the pain close ! The blue look of a boy is the cutest gift for a girl ! I like the loneliness of the sky because, she is my only friend ! Happiness is the summer of death hopes, like a feeling in time ! I'm dreaming of children time . The pain of the sky is worse than your own black thoghts ! Where can I find the heart that does not see me ? The shadow of my mind is like a growing plant ! If I have a little faith, do my life will be other than this,,, or just a burden in the wind of my grave breath !? Silence grows when rain touches your heart in a quiet melody ! Oh my sky, I will be forever alone, where are you ? In life are thorns that always are with you, they never let you go like a darkness ! A spring without a flower it tells you that, there is no love for  you ! I walk alone on the road because, I'm different in my path ! The thing is that I don't dream of nothing, yet ! My spooky love is my true friend and the best, that it was too late in the end !  Travel to montanies are so refreshing like a sweet joy of life ! Will my future dance like others, do I have hopes for the dreams that I dream it ? I hated night and wanted light but now I miss night without light ! What is strength without faith and pain without happiness ?  The way you look is more important than the way you think- that's really sad ! Dreaming to travel somewhere . Do I really have best friends ? It was my old friend that I waited and miss it ! I can't never fly like everyone else but, I can dream even when it may not come true ! In a day when, the sky was my only friend. Life goes on with a memory of a friend ! Waiting is like a dream that sorrow your breath for life . I never have known that the silence was the death . Green and blue are at the same time your fresh breath, eat the joy of your fruit life ! Until there is no love without flowers ! Even the graves will rise up in the day that the love will come for me ! There isn't any hope, no way for me ! The only way to be yourself it is to dream it . When you are all alone with yourself the song of your road is quiet ! A smile can travel without you there . Even friends are not really friends ! When you have a cute boy next to you, life is more beautiful even when your mind knows that you will be forever alone ! I will cherish the pain like a grave that has no dust in it and when you have pain you can do anything ! My shadow are my steps that never will find the road of love !.

                                                                                         - A. A. Popovici,

Thursday, 20 July 2017

My travel lover !

I won't see my blessings and hopes because I don't have any dreams or a strong faith by myself ! They say: two are better than one but, what if there will be no two, ever ? What are my dreams, do I have any dreams ? I know that single people lose their hope but, they dream of something anyway ! Only normal people can dream of a true life ! I could have a feeling that even the heart, stops in time like a thought ? Travel, is a scary dream, that most of us are afraid of dreaming it ! They say: wait God's will but, what if God's willl never will be ??? The pain that I don't say is my best friend ! The target is here in your mind it can affect your emotions like the waves of the sea ! But, my mind and heart still whispers to God even when it has no hope ! Some princess don't have a dad, that's why they can't dream about a prince ! What is loneliness without existing ? I feel the sky in such loneliness but, why ? Maybe next time death will be my friend . Even if I wish to love someone, I think there is no one to love me ! And even again if you want there isn't, stop dreaming of it like a travel happiness ! She and her crazy dreams of traveling, like a book that no one reads it ! We are so old sometimes for love but, time is everything in God's will !... When our blessings depends on an umbrella of rain drops ! You must swallow your soul to find happiness in the deepest shadow of your little pieces of waiting your mind that it may come one day in your way, like a travel gift ! Wind of summer look, I am a lonely girl but,, I'm good even I don't know why .! I can not choose what I can not dream ! Two galaxy in the night and it was sun in my hair wind ! Oh my soul, faith is not your loneliness ! There is not someone for all of us ! It was a night when I missed the heaven ! Night should always be warm and quiet even when you are alone ! It is too late for blessings ! And you are gone like the last breath that was so sweet , His voice and words was in you like a blessing from heaven for me ! Summer is like a sweetcorn, when you taste and eat it... it has no more life in it ! There is hope when you don't have faith ! If the last will end in a next way to love, hmmm ? Summer end is the beginning of sometning good !.

                                                                                   - A. A. Popovici,

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Capăt de drum .^^

Ca o amintire a fost ce a înmiresmat din Dumnezeu pe urma pașilori ei! ÎL șimțeai pe Isus în preajma ei și totuși mulți au judecat-o cu dispreț dar, ea a înțeles voia Lui! Tu, ce ai fi ales? Ce este mai important pentru tine, o clipă de dispreț și o durere sau a face voia Lui eternă în viața ta? Unde îți sunt dragostea ce ai afișat-o în fața multora și talantul ce continui să-l îngropi în tine, ascuzând binecuvântarea celui de lângă tine?! A făcut voia Lui cu trudă și umilință în ultima ei respirație ce a pășit pe acest pământ! Dar tu? Ce se va putea spune despre tine când vei înceta să exiști? Au durut vorbele ce au rănit-o adânc dar sufletul ei acum, este cu Cel ce o viață ia slujit! Parcă doreai să te apropi mai mult de El prin ceea ce era ea, cunoscândui prezența lui Isus mai adâncă! Bunătatea ei mi-a fost curajul în lucrarea Lui și un ajutor picioarelor mele, când singură eu nu puteam! Isus de multe ori prin ea s-a aplecat către cei părăsiți și împovărați, lăsând o iubire liniștită în picuri de binecuvântare! Lași oare și tu la capătul aleiei un drum ce și alți vor vrea să-l urmeze? Dumnezeu te-a învăluit pentru puțină vreme cu un suflet ce a lăsat pacea și dragostea Lui! Ca să îți vezi sfârșitul așa cum la lăsat Talăl ceresc pentru fiecare dintre noi cei ce aleg voia Lui! Un capăt de drum, ce dincolo de orice te așteaptă El- Isus.

                                                                                               - A. A. Popovici,

Dear Nelly, I won't be sad,,, 
because you are happy now, 
she was my nice friend and now she is with JESUS! 
 ... I only, will miss you a lot.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

She loves alone .

Alone, I will love you all my life and you will be reminder to me each day, for the one that's coming from you! She received all that he gave in to her but, she loves alone. He goes and she receive the gift in this life of loneliness! You  know, I may be left by you in the darkness alone but, I choose to love you. Did you think of me in this short time of our happiness in the night of summer? I hope that one day you may see the gift that you let in me. Does this make you a man to let a women alone with your memory?. Is that all men do? Why women love so much a mens heart without the breath of their lovers? They say it they love her but, at the end of summer they disappear like the last joy of a happy dream! Women had this big fear of beaing let quiet in the night by themselves,  that they think the love of a man is all that they need but,,, that's a foolish game of mens! Never, dear women think that you wait to much on your truly prince! Forget not that marriage is the only true love gift from God for you and your great and amazing man that your heart is waiting! Don't ever think to throw away what you have in you, the girl that still waits like a dreamer on the stars that she isn't seeing it yet! Have faith like they say it but, in your time to come never wait!, and when you choose to marry all women must know that- this is the road of it, for some it is easy but, the pain it is the same for all,,, so, "this is the road of a women !,.

                               - A. A. Popovici,

Monday, 5 June 2017

Străpunsă vreme !

Dragostea este cea mai fățarnică dintre inima umană şi sufletul veşnic! Nu spun multe dar, ascult ceea ce trebuie! Zilele ploioase mă odihnesc în neniniştea lor! Ne place divertismentul chiar şi în biserici, râsul şi o recomandare la un film ba chiar direct de la amvon! Greul nu mai este un greu ci un bine nevăzut al inimii. Vino şi vezi, până când suflarea nu se pierde în aşteptarea rece! Mă îngrop în durere mea nevăzută. Auzeam ploaia cum vorbea cu mine în durerea picurilor ei amari, mai rabdă inimă! Când vine vremea ta, dacă nu acum să iubești inima Lui în bucuria câtecului? Și nu s-au întors în așteptarea sufletului lor! Legați sunt cei ce mănâncă durerea celui ce rabdă amărăciunea în cuvântul dulce de miere! Trezește dragostea în strigările pierdute ale lipsei ce te-a ucisi în dăruirea de acum. Dar după ce zilele trec, trăiește pentru că un mâine nu este a tău! Chinul înțeapă adânc ce, îți rămâne să rupi din tine dacă nu ființa întreagă a singurătăți? Până ce nu mai exiști este totul un magic al visului ce un suflet îl speră. Am încercat să te găsesc în mintea mea și totuși am renunțat, când tu ești cel ce mi-ai despărțit sufletul de inimă! Veșnic ne va fi mormântul cel al rămășiței ce miroase a putregaiul uitări! Frica este dragostea găsiri uraganului atmosferic în bucățica de istorie a întunericului, umbra de pietre cioplite a mhniri, străpunsă vreme.

- A. A. Popovici,

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Blue so green !

Cold morning, rainy day,,, where, are you my little dreams, I must wait on you to come maybe? Sometimes, travel is all that you have! Be alone, in the quiet rad of your loneliness because, at the end you will be just with yourself,,, with no one else. The art of a photo tells you a sad story, sometimes. Home is my best friend! Why, I am so afraid of loving someone? Books and fashion are like two happiness things that never let you alone! When was writing all that I have left in my life, the warmth of words are my breath!? I don't fit in many categories, so that's why I am alone. The greatest part in life is to be yourself not somebody else,,, be kind and cute at the same time! Do you always have a happy face like a clown that no one knows it, and try to be a good friend in a mask of smile? When the blue is so green and you can not see the sun because,you are alone and can't so out! Sometimes, the sun and the air are like a joy that you can't express in words!

                                     - A. A. Popovici,

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Is He the God ?,

Is He the love that even the breath stops in my mouth without words? Sometimes, God choose just one person to do His work,,, to be a blessing of two hearts in one! How is this; when you do something for the Lord, you must think of your benefith too?, What is the point of Hope? You think that you are so worthy and full of life and yet, there are so many people in hospital,,, with what you are good then others? For some people the sky is without words, it can't speak the hope that you wait to come!!! He knows the feeling that is in your mind. Is grace a miracle of His true love in loneliness of my soul? Do God knows what you think when all you wish is a smile from someone? For what we pray really, if not for our self like we are the only ones with pain in our soul?! Why He waits on you to pray for all that you need in life? What is He thinking when you sin and you stop dreaming of nothing? Is He looking at your eyes and know that magic will come? Do we hug others with love, so taht our hearts feel true friendship?. What I will do when hope is gone Lord? still, my heart,,, be still, so I may come...

                                                       - A. A. Popovici,

Monday, 15 May 2017

mAgic, dream.

Do I need a smiling face to be happy, when the eyes are looking at yellow? Fashion was my dream but, I think dreams do not come true for everyone in life! Do your style because no one is you so, be something but,,, in good ! What an amazing feeling it is that when you prepare your suitcase and go in your dream ! Maybe that is the only magic dream that you have all your life... just dream it ! I never will be the same because I didn't know if I was in love or not. How cute you are? I always write about the pain that I can't feel it ! Forest of feelings are hidden, life of a magic dream ! The cute look of an outfit is that your soul and heart are so good looking in it,,, it's black ! Why do our emotions hurt us so bad with pain? Sometimes, beauty is a pretty loneliness color ! I need a dream that will become a magic trip in a place that I never was there ! They ask me; why do you not "believe" and where is your "faith" ,,,they look at me like a burden, that's why I can't see the magic in a dream?! Good shoes are a trip to your dreams! The first time to somewhere it was like a summer memory that travel last forever in a life style ! How good you can look in an outfit when you are the way you are ? Clothes are a form of what you really are inside !

                                                  - A. A. Popovici,

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Touch of loneliness .

At the end and at the beginning of something, 
there is always a desperate feeling !
The odd bouquet list to visit sometimes, 
is the best trip that you can dream of it !
May I go somewhere, without knowing yet ? 
Stay without lOve and your life will be beautiful, 
like a late summer day ! 
The sky is so blue and the trees are so green, 
like the last breath of my happiness ! 
All the heaven is falling down like the stars of my quiet heart,
in a loneliness kiss of your lips . 
Maybe God wants me to live without love in this world,
because even happiness is avoiding me ? ^0^
I see all your grace Lord in all the little things 
that my soul touches and feels the warmth of them ! 
For some people there isn't a blessing, even if they want or dream of it !
The sun of my loneliness heart it melts with sad thoughts .
My only lovers are the last flowers of my spring ...

                                                                     - A. A. Popovici,

Friday, 7 April 2017

Zumzetul florilor .

Îi ridicați pe cei ce trebuie să fie jos și îi zdrobiți pe cei ce trebuie să fie sus !. Mă disprețuiesc pentru ceea ce vreau să fiu înaintea Ta și nu am puterea lină de a mă ridica în fața Lui cea Sfântă! Viața scriitorilor și a compozitorilor, este o viață de tragedi nevăzute dar, ce se aștern pe foile unei cărți și partituri risipite în nisipul uitări ! Îndată, ies iezișori la păscut cu lupi și vai de tine dacă nu ai grijă ! Cred că vine ziua când, Dumnezeu îi va arde pe cei cu gura mare rău de tot, în vorbele lor neadevărate despre alți,, așa că pregătește-te, oricine ai fi !! Surâsul inimii bate ca notele unui arcuș de violoncel ce scârție a durere fără un glas în noaptea fără de pași. Vocile urlă, în zumzetul rece de mireasmă ! Nu cunoașteți pe Dumnezeu; de ce ? Pentru că, sunteți orbiți de avere și bani. Un nume bun vă fură binecuvântarea! Nu-L simțiți pe Isus; de ce? Pentru că, îi vorbiți de rău pe copii Lui, din care creteți că sunteți și voi! Oh, tu Cel ce are  vină în vâltoarea melodiilor eterne,,, De ce, câmpul de florii se osucă fără izvorul din el însuși ? Sumbru e visul cel parfumat al florilor visate fără o existență! Tandru și trist este sărutul culorilor din El .

                                  - A. A. Popovici,

Thursday, 6 April 2017

— No sex. But, lOve!.?

Life is a story of tragic moments, like a.:. feather! It is a stupid thing ot believe that love must be there for you too! In april you lie because spring it is not for you! When everyone tells you to do it, "sex" ..when you are not married but, your mind tells you stop!. It is not good and it is not what you really want in your life, it tells you wait– until you are married and you have beside you true love! Don't make the sin to believe that love is everything in this life! I know, that you are young and don't want to end up old but, what is if you do it? Hmm, so many of you are living a double life,,, one of faith and one of depression! Most of you have a fake life on internet and you pretend... that you will catch a good fish one day! Some of you ask this questions to others: How many of Ex, did you have before you did find the right one? or: Did you know why are you single? I think the best time in life is when you are single and still waiting, because... Travel is the only blessing for single people! You can do so many things when you are single,,, To be the blessing that someone needs it in hard times of life,. To help someone that has forgot to smile. I know, it is dangerous to wait on happiness to come for you too, but. Why, it has to know everyone, when you do sex or how you do it? And by the way, it is not sex when you are married, it is lOve between a women and a man!. It doesn't have to know your friends that you have a lover, or a boyfriend! When you are shore of that " he or she" is the right one then, and only then tell them the big surprise of your life!^^ The gift that is for your life it is a blessing star from heaven to you but, when the time is right not when you want it, or how to be! I think again, that the greatest thing in life are those three: music, fashion and photography, for single people! Just wait, if it takes a lifetime for the right one to come someday, for your heart. Why not wait love to come by itself and not search it by yourself? Huh, I know, it is not easy to desire something that you may think that never will come on your way!... You must have a friend first and then a lover. Trust, your true feelings that, even God is waiting for the right time to send you" the right gift" . I know, that the death of your soul is waiting to break down all your hopes, that is in your body but, still, simple— wait in His promises! It is time to believe that one prayer can torn all around you, with blessings days and rain drops of happiness!,,, 

                                       - A. A. Popovic,

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Should I be ?.

I miss traveling and dreaming of it !^
May you smile in the last days of your joy!
Wear the style that is in your own smile on your look,.
I don't want to be happy just because you say I should be!
How is the end of something that is the past?.
Even numbers speack about history!
What if, I can't smile because of too much happiness?
A book is the best gift that you can receive!
Blue sky in my closed eyes, how can I see you?
Thoughts of warm clouds all around me.
Why it must be joy that I miss the most in my life?.
And not a drop of sadness in my mind.?!
In a blue night walk alone but, with yourself!
Say "Hi" even when you are sad. . .
Dreaming of a place, somewhere, where I may go someday!.
Winter in spring like in love it is a lie flower !
But, the moon was so sad without a friend!
In life I must die for something, no ?.
Of the end of something, there is always a new Hope !.

                                                     - A. A. Popovici,