Monday, 19 March 2018

Green writer.

In time with my books. 
In time with my thoughts.
In time with my desires.
In time with my sadness.
In time with my writing.
In time with my dreaming.
In time with my plants.
In time with my darkness.

In time with my lost hopes.
In time with my sad piano -melody.
In time with my waiting... 
In time with my travel, feelings.

In time is my window door!

In time with my shadows.
In time with my lover.
In time with my thinking.
In time with my happiness.
In time with my words.
In time with my loneliness.

All that I desire,
All my dreams,
All my hopes,
Are in time for me!

I’m a green writer!
In time with my own poetry!
In time with my library of books.

                           - A. A. Popovici,

Friday, 9 March 2018

Never had ,...

- No love for me?
- Ah, not today.
- There is no love?
- Nop, haha!

Art is a color .
Poetry of words is my true lover . 
A burden is waiting .
Flowers in boots, 
And sun in summer sea !.
When you smile life is like an anime !
What is a woman ?
Always kiss me in spring,
I imagine my friend .
Do I really believe ?.,
I’m giving up on my dreams !
Black road of the sky is dark green !
Dark mirrow of two,
I have no feets !
Music tells you that you are fine ! 

What is art of a place ?
Women love like a pet .
I see the sea without you .
Where is my flower boy ?
Spring is fragile like tulips .
Fashion is nothing without you .
Dream about your fairy tale !
Pastel love is a spring kiss ! 
Listen your heart in a quiet place !

I never had,
I never will ...  

- A. A. Popovici,

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Workout girl- oh boy !

Where is the intimasy of family, the relationship with children ?
So many family are broken when it comes:
about how you look at you- to many weight on you .!
Why, you don’t like the way you where born ?
And you become a burden of your own desires !
You say it is a choice but, it is a choice to be a good woman;
to carry a baby in your belly,
to care for your husband when he don’t care for yourself,
to be a mom and to love God, to dream about your family ?!
What is really a choice in life ?!,.
Sometimes, I wonder... where are the women of God ?
I’m not saing, that it is not good to take care of your body but,
in the way that everybody knows what you are doing ?
Even dancing is a way for women’s of God
and we say that all is good and better in the face of God ?!
What will learn your children when they are all grow up ?
Did you think about that because, they will do exactly what you did ?.
When was the choice of the Bible in your family ?
Have you ever thought that,
even you husband will be exhausted by your day of - workout -
only the world that knows now?
Big women these days are so ugly - is that what you really think about them?
- when even they have a beautiful soul waiting to become just a beating of one men's heart!
Ya, go on the thing you always drive!
Your life will eventually become a mess, and your family will be so far away from you.

I think,,, a man should love his wife the way she is because she's fragile ,
This is a real men who loves every girl or woman !
That is really a lifestyle for a woman . . .


                                                                       - A. A. Popovici,

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Art spring !

Spring without magic like summer with no love .
Nothing special comes from nothing !

I’m a girl who likes to play with words so, I write crazy words ! 
Life of a book is yourself life and the breath of your own soul ! 
What really will be I don’t know but, 
I only dream that will be magic someday for me to ! 
I love to write my mind because it doesn’t know from where 
it comes or where it goes the words but my heart knows it . 
I write my soul in the song that never I will sing ! 
Am I a art girl who dream about the dreams that aren’t a life, yet ? 
! When I have a book that can travel I stay still to the end of my breath ! 
I was a girl there, in a book with my open dreams that never will travel ! 
I wonder what spooky things I write and what it is in my head that is like a bliss ?! 
Art is a color like when you write your soul with a word .

- A. A. Popovici,

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Fragile pet !

I’m to old so, I don ‘t believe in love . 
Who, will come find me in the way I am ? 
She is alone on her own in this journy of love . 
When you don’t have a heart ,what you really do ? 
Even the time is running out of breath in the night . 
I don’t believe it~ perhaps or maybe, it is the same for me ? 
Life it is like a menu you look for it and when you have find it you taste it, 
if it taste bad or good you still have to eat it~ that’s the rule of a menu ! 
Women wait for a man’s love like a pet because they are fragile ! 
Without dreams are my heart and soul, what to do ?.,

- A. A. Popovici,

Monday, 19 February 2018

Suflet profund .

Unde, voi întâlni primăvara cu acele petale roșiatice a inimii de floare? 
Scrisul este iubitul meu paginele lui sunt delicate 
și înbibate cu parfumul din el ce dorește dragostea mea .! 
M-am săturat să ascult fericirile altora și pe a mea niciotată să nu o ascult ! 
Toți murim cu o amintire în lumea în care am trăit doar noi singuri . 
Poate că scriu din ceea ce nu există și ceea ce am visat și dorit~ 
ce nu îmi este dat să am în această viață . 
Ce voi face când mâinile nu îmi vor mai putea așterne cuvintele sufletului meu 
pe paginile uzate de suferința asteptări ?! 
Sorbit de arșița plăcerilor îți lași sufletul aruncat în funile ce sfărâmă adânc !., 
Alți îți vor strânge fericirile pe care le-ai aștepta cu lacrimi de tristețe ce, 
pentru tine niciodată nu s-au împlinit în această viață ! 
Sufletul este profund, l-ai ascultat vreodată ?.

- A. A. Popovici,

Saturday, 17 February 2018

To black .,,

Night is black and my look is black!
Love is black like pastel blue.
Where is black Love?.
To black to dream about it! .
The road is so dark.
Like black because it shows nothing.
Black is no feelings in the heart!

Love is black,
To black...
Where black?
Look for your black!

                                           - A. A. Popovici,

Green writer.