Friday, 1 February 2013

LoVe yellow!

~ Sometimes all I need is colors, 
to be Happy...
Many of time I don't find Happiness, 
even if I search it.
And I forget that Joy comes through pain !
When hopes are gone, 
still remains one .
That never give up on me !
Love is the color that I see it, 
even when...
I think I like yellow, 
loneliness times !
Color is, 
every where I am.
Memories of Him, 
that never will die !
There are so many times, 
when I stop believe in Love...
But, I must go on !
Listen to His Words,  
I can Dream again .
Darkness of the night is frighten my heart,
but I'm not afraid of it..
LoVe is with me !
One day Sadness will disappear,
with a simply touch of the wind...
His embrace will find me once more,
forever LoVe !.

                     - A. A. Popovici,

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