Saturday, 13 December 2014

It's almost Christmas !

So many of you talk about love and Jesus Christ, 
but it is such a sadness in this days, 
to see people... 
every men and women is looking for a good body look, 
a nice name of a good family.. 
instant to search a sweet heart, 
a ugly being, it's so sad.!
No one wants anymore to be a blessing for someone. 
Where is the true love, 
about that the Bible talks in this days? 
Only at Christmas,
we choose to make some gifts for some people, 
and that's it for all the year! 
the heart and soul are satisfied with this and you think that, 
God is so happy for what you have done for Him...
those that think only at Christmas they can: 
love, make gifts, 
to be a blessing for someone, 
choose to be happy, 
or to listen the voice of God!!!
some words from the heart of His love for you, 
don't forget about all those people with a broken soul,
that no one cares about them!

                                                        - A. A. Popovici,

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