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Do you see lOvE ?!

- Hey, you ? Who, me?!
- Yes- you there ?
 Do you see love somewhere?
- lOvE, there is such thing ?!
- How is it like?
- What ?
- love? Aaa, Ya !!!
I really don't know it!
Hmmm, that's to bad .
- Why?!
Because, without love your nothing in this world !
- Tsk, you are just a dreamer that,
 do not know life, is so cruel!
And you know something ?
- Me, yah you!
What ?!
Love is not for all the people in this world,
there is no love for so many of us!
- Hey you,
don't forget to hope for something,
that isn't real, ok! ?
Life is just a bad dream.
- When do you say:
loVe is a true thing but, there in reality is a lie ,.

                                    - A. A. Popovici,

Petals flower ._

Sometimes a flower from a boy,  is the air of a simple breath that last forever! Drop of the rain that never comes, in a summer day. . . The agony that is more pain, until half of you is gone in the lonely wind - deep song that is not hear in the distance ! Petals of words are in your soul, that no one is there to hear them . You are so sorry for all the smell,  that they spread around you like a memory__ Nowhere to go just, loss the happiness of petals flower.

                                             - A. A. Popovici,