Friday, 3 July 2015

Heaven warrior !

The only feeling that you have is, 
time will come someday when, 
flowers will smell of love and not of blood on you!
Like a warrior of heaven, 
with a sword of love you fight!
You must carry one, 
like the words from your soul that,
never will be listen in the dark!
The wound from your body is like a hidden place, 
that the eye can not see it!
Silence is your shelter,
in the fight of loneliness.
Love is the only thing that last forever,
in a world - unknown time!
Like a armor, 
your body is the wind,
that spreads the sunlight to fight the cold.
When the sword touches your enemy of darkness,
will never stop, 
until the blood is down- in ashes!
The human heart is so lonely but deep, 
it begins to breath when love comes.
Unknown is your life when the heart beats in you,
just because the sky is calling you!
To be a warrior of hope and peace.
Your life will end soon but,
for what you fight for ?
Don't, just be a fighter of this world that, 
you see with your eyes.
Let something behind you,
to be remember when- even time will end!
Be a heaven warrior___

                                                    - A. A. Popovici,

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