Monday, 17 August 2015

Don't dream !_!

To have children around you it is a blessing from God, and a joy of life ! What, is life with a disability ? I heard so many times- we thank you Lord for the healthy children. But, who needs a broken toy ?! - disability are the sunshine that, we never see it in reality! Who wants a bride in a wheelchair, a child without a leg, a young girl with a ugly face,  big eyes- ill body . Mom and Dad they dream always a beautiful child, but, who ever dream a sad dream of his baby ? Like a broken toy there are so many children with, lonely feelings that they are still waiting, for love to come, someday. Perhaps, there isn't such love in this world- isn't ?! An element of happiness is the human heart that, never think of the poor souls out there !. So many dream of an amazing love in their lives, that forget the people with loneliness . Where are the children that you never gave them the birth into this world ?You don't want to know what real lOve is,because you do not have a conscience ?! Don't dream only for you in this life, feel the burden with a open heart. !_!

                                     - A. A. Popovici,


  1. Foarte frumoase cuvinte , foarte frumoasa gandirea.Felicitari!!


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