Fashion .*!

Sometimes, it is good to be well dressed. 
Fashion is not about how you look on the outside, 
but on the inside .
Most of people think if they wear a nice dress or makeup,
all it's well done and is just good.
But when a man and a women opens the mouth and speak, uhh...
The most important thing in life is your attitude,
to behave good with others, is the best fashion you can wear.
A sweet talk of fashion is the great time of two people,
intelligence is the look of a good growth!
So, if you think life is all about fashion,
you gotta all wrong...
Elegance is something that you don't get when you were born,
you must live all your life till you get old.
Feel the people's heart, not their outfits!
Learn to wear fashion not in good looking but,
wear it in kindness, in love around you, in helping others!
This is the true fashion of life. . .

                                         - A. A. Popovici,