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Before I die ^^

Before I die in a loneliness that isn't mine, I breath of a lOve story like in a dance step. Feel the steps in a way that only the heart knows, like a dance that never will be or may not exist! Beautiful even without a good look, I dream^^ like a sea in my one day... Forever in my eyes is holding hands, like red and black colors! So many things that I wish I cold do before I,~ and, waiting forever in my soul of stone. Don't forget a teddy like the wind that says: I will be there, no matter what! A body without a strong will, is like the pain that don't want to know what happiness is...! Go so far away that you may know what really, is a hug without sinful thoughts. One day you may dream and you may not see them come true but, still dream about them anyway! Because you are so beautiful, in someone's heart even you don't know Him yet...,•

                                                                  - A. A. Popovici,