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Inside fear !^.

The fear is always inside, like a memory of children. Killing the last hope that you have, with a word of an melody! Time is wasting the only breath that my heart, is trying to pretend that is happiness. Really, what is life without a desire? Even the fear is a good friend when no one is beside me. He is the only lonely one that, may be waiting for me over a raimbow! Hand of time-that lOve, like a star warm kiss. How should I go when no one is holding me, voice of somewhere in the past? I'm crying to the fear to stay with me even when, all will be gone in the ashes.! The "fear" she's my deppest friend in all the loneliness night's that I've dream. Touch of an frozen body, that may be the only gift for me! When time comes I will be deaing in an univers that, never was to exist for me. I never have to say "goodbye" to no one because- I never know what lOve was! •\/•

- A. A. Popovici,

That "hope".

They say: don't lose hope but, when even they lost "Hope" in that time, how was it ? The heavy questions a human heart aspire,  be the last smell of an only spring ! Still dreaming of "that hope" to come true and love more than words ., Nothing is like His happiness breath,  spread the old side of time ! Missing the touch of gentle flowes, in everything that may disappear . Black road of an unknown home, be soon there where never ends ! Part of something or a story .
                                                  - A. A. Popovici,