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Showing posts from June, 2016

Taste color .

Taste of colors in my mouth, like a paint brush. Which color makes life happy? Think of something in your mind and make them it happen, like spark shine. Don't let the color miss you like an far away heart! As soon as you find lOve, never let it go- like a wind that blows the joy of someone in the earth. Not today but, maybe when? Days are like pain in a photo of time, that disappear all your hopes. Good is nothing that may I find in a story of nowhere! I chose to dream of an painting author, like a dreamer with open lips in heaven. Broken glass is all the melody in my head, which is dancing in colored lines of beginnings! Should I stay or I may be waiting, something to happen in colors of happiness?.

- A. A. Popovici,

Pastel bones .^.

Such pain that resembles, like an heaven embrace. You fight to much and the life keeps flipping away from your bones! Even the wind is so green, like the flowers on your skin. Alone is something, like beside your unknown happiness! Hold on to the breath that disappear from your lips, like a touch. If in your loneliness, you will not let go of me___ that will be some kind of lOve that may be true! Quiet silence never will leave you alone, like a whisper in time. In pieces of an broken heart is my body, like a blue sky, I will dream again someday- perhaps! Can't find the words of a butterfly, like a candle light. But what if, He choose me to be His life bouquet? Waiting of spring petals in a sadness leaves, like sweet pastel.*.

- A. A. Popovici,