Friday, 26 August 2016

Loneliness of my birthday ^^.

I stopped to think that you can make it happen, Lord! Yellow sun- in the last days of summer, a place time for sad people like me, are the loneliness ones! Happy Birthday, isn't something that last it just disappear in a memory! How will be that day when even flowers will pass away like the smell of nowhere? What should I do about my loneliness? People come and go but, no one stay's like the one that I can't see it. True happiness isn't in a day- my day, it just be the sadness me! I will miss the color that don't exist for me, the lOve that my mind dreams about it. Stay still, don't go like a bouquet of a dreaming day, gift of an lonely heart. Be there in someone's soul, like books that are my true lOve and a good friend always, they never lose hope on me!., Why do I need love, if isn't for me? Should I keep waiting, but for what- only for my friends dreams to come always true but, for me? Someday I will understand that for me it wasn't it, or I just think that life isn't for me a happy place to dream about it?! Where, will go my loneliness, if I will stop to exist? ^^

                                                                                                 - A. A. Popovici,

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