Saturday, 22 October 2016

Pink style .

Frozen sky is a prayer of colors that whispers,
I will be there with you in a joy like a blue kiss!
I lost the hope and the breath ot breathe the,
Air of this world of pain.
First snow of a wish that may never come!
Mood is a feeling that only the heart knows it.
Winter is a friend that is so cold but,
The one that waits for your heart- alone!
‪Travel dreamer soul of a wild child, blue breath of you. 
You make the style and not the style makes you! 
Wait like a gentleman, not like a bodyguard. 
I wished many things and dreamed a lot but now, 
I'm a old one so... it is to late!
Without a friend life is like a thought of pain.
Season of life it is gone now, like cold wind!
Sometimes, a pink bag is your best friend of fashion like a pastel smile.
The blue winter sky is a magic places,
Your the cloud in it of a fairytale.
Coat of blue-black water, hands of last fall!
Winter vibrates snowflakes, frozen of a warm wind.
Keep calm your thoughts waves of pain!

                                   - A. A. Popovici,

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