Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Queen or King [..]

I've lost my faith on the heavy road of this heart of mine, like the waves. Choose to lose the throne that is in your life and you will find happiness in joy of little things!!! You must have faith for others but for you, stop to exist - just stop. When you don't understand His lOve, you never will love someone! If pain was joy, how it may be life without it? Don't just risk something for the one you love that isn't love, risk all for the one you care that is really lOve! You know, even when you don't trust Him, He is trusting you no matter what!? Once I dream of a prince that, has disappeared from my eyes! The love talk about a kindess that the heart don't know yet. Be the queen or a king of someone that has not a throne in the heart! Kiss of fairy tale the last fall, why it is so late for me? You never say you miss me but, I know you're there somewhere or, anywhere at all...

                                           - A. A. Popovici,

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