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Warm lights. ^^

How was your christmas in time like this a touch of family joy ?
In the last day of it death will rise up but, in the end life will stand up for nothing!
Why, the first photo is the best one you made it ?
There are stars that I can never make them snow of a star with my hands!
What do you think about life in the way you are ?
The day He was born it was like a word of Him which is the life for your heart!
Warm lights are the sunshine of the last year!
I know that not for all of you was like this: so cozy, warm and soft but!
Were you a blanket for the one that was in loneliness this year ?
Quiet morning in a family like a warm place, .
Sometimes, even the lights that are warmth of them are so frozen in your heart.
Hope and Wishes, are the only ones that may be with you but...
Even there, you must believe in His promises when- all is gone!
Next year will be here and will be gone the way it was here nothing will last.
He will be around you always like a friend that lights your life road!

Walk in thoughts .

Without you are a prayer?
White blue lips is frozen.
What is a cake?
We are cute friends.
What about love?
Where to nowhere.
Why dream of joy?
Waiting like a heart.
Who is happiness?
Wherever I go in home.
Winter it may be cold?
Wish my legs can go somewhere.
Whatever you know of me?
Walk in thoughts, last snowflake- time!

- A. A. Popovici,