Thursday, 2 February 2017

Oh, february ,,,

I was hiding my breath in dreams from my hands of tears?
I was better alone all my life and now,
in my head like an idea I think. . .
I was lonely and your warmth loneliness wasn't here,
are you not here with me?
I was waiting for you but, you're to far away.
Oh, my february where are you?
I was hoping for a word of you in this messy world.
Should I, think of you again?
I was sad in the middle of my heart!
Were you somewhere in my thoughts?
I was with my books all alone in my room but,
without you by my side.
Why not, I am a grave to you? . .. .
I was sick of waiting in the wind, like a sad bird.
How, even flowers smell like my favorite lOve!? ,,,
The warmest place that you know, is in your heart as a home!^

                                                                            - A. A. Popovici,

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