Sunday, 26 March 2017

Should I be ?.

I miss traveling and dreaming of it !^
May you smile in the last days of your joy!
Wear the style that is in your own smile on your look,.
I don't want to be happy just because you say I should be!
How is the end of something that is the past?.
Even numbers speack about history!
What if, I can't smile because of too much happiness?
A book is the best gift that you can receive!
Blue sky in my closed eyes, how can I see you?
Thoughts of warm clouds all around me.
Why it must be joy that I miss the most in my life?.
And not a drop of sadness in my mind.?!
In a blue night walk alone but, with yourself!
Say "Hi" even when you are sad. . .
Dreaming of a place, somewhere, where I may go someday!.
Winter in spring like in love it is a lie flower !
But, the moon was so sad without a friend!
In life I must die for something, no ?.
Of the end of something, there is always a new Hope !.

                                                     - A. A. Popovici,

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