Thursday, 6 April 2017

— No sex. But, lOve!.?

Life is a story of tragic moments, like a.:. feather! It is a stupid thing to believe that love must be there for you too! In april you lie because spring it is not for you! When everyone tells you to do it, "sex" ..when you are not married but, your mind tells you stop!. It is not good and it is not what you really want in your life, it tells you wait– until you are married and you have beside you true love! Don't make the sin to believe that love is everything in this life! I know, that you are young and don't want to end up old but, what is if you do it? Hmm, so many of you are living a double life,,, one of faith and one of depression! Most of you have a fake life on internet and you pretend... that you will catch a good fish one day! Some of you ask this questions to others: How many of Ex, did you have before you did find the right one? or: Did you know why are you single? I think the best time in life is when you are single and still waiting, because... Travel is the only blessing for single people! You can do so many things when you are single,,, To be the blessing that someone needs it in hard times of life,. To help someone that has forgot to smile. I know, it is dangerous to wait on happiness to come for you too, but. Why, it has to know everyone, when you do sex or how you do it? And by the way, it is not sex when you are married, it is lOve between a women and a man!. It doesn't have to know your friends that you have a lover, or a boyfriend! When you are shore of that " he or she" is the right one then, and only then tell them the big surprise of your life!^^ The gift that is for your life it is a blessing star from heaven to you but, when the time is right not when you want it, or how to be! I think again, that the greatest thing in life are those three: music, fashion and photography, for single people! Just wait, if it takes a lifetime for the right one to come someday, for your heart. Why not wait love to come by itself and not search it by yourself? Huh, I know, it is not easy to desire something that you may think that never will come on your way!... You must have a friend first and then a lover. Trust, your true feelings that, even God is waiting for the right time to send you" the right gift" . I know, that the death of your soul is waiting to break down all your hopes, that is in your body but, still, simple— wait in His promises! It is time to believe that one prayer can torn all around you, with blessings days and rain drops of happiness!,,, 

                                  - A. A. Popovici,

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