Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Is He the God ?,

He didn't know my pain or listen to the sadness a time when I was just a little girl ! Is He the love that even the breath stops in my mouth without words ? Sometimes, God choose just one person to do His work,,, to be a blessing of two hearts in one ! How is this; when you do something for the Lord, you must think of your benefith too ?, What is the point of Hope ? You think that you are so worthy and full of life and yet, there are so many people in hospital,,, with what you are good then others ? For some people the sky is without words, it can't speak the hope that you wait to come !!! He knows the feeling that is in your mind . Is grace a miracle of His true love in loneliness of my soul ? Do God knows what you think when all you wish is a smile from someone ? For what we pray really, if not for our self like we are the only ones with pain in our soul ?! Why He waits on you to pray for all that you need in life ? What is He thinking when you sin and you stop dreaming of nothing ? Is He looking at your eyes and know that magic will come ? Do we hug others with love, so that our hearts feel true friendship ?. What I will do when hope is gone Lord ? still, my heart,,, be still, so I may come...

                                                       - A. A. Popovici,

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