Monday, 15 May 2017

! mAgic, yellow Forest.

Do I need a smiling face to be happy, when the eyes are looking at yellow? Fashion was my dream but, I think dreams do not come true for everyone in life! What an amazing feeling it is that when you prepare your suitcase and go in your dream ! Maybe that is the only magic dream that you have all your life... just dream it ! I never will be the same because I didn't know if I was in love or not. How cute you are? I always write about the pain that I can't feel it ! Forest of feelings are hidden, life of a magic dream ! Why do our emotions hurt us so bad with pain? Sometimes, beauty is a pretty loneliness color ! I need a dream that will become a magic trip in a place that I never was there ! They ask me; why do you not "believe" and where is your "faith" ,,,they look at me like a burden, that's why I can't see the magic in a dream?!

                                                  - A. A. Popovici,

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