Thursday, 20 July 2017

My travel lover !

I won't see my blessings and hopes because I don't have any dreams or a strong faith by myself ! They say: two are better than one but, what if there will be no two, ever ? What are my dreams, do I have any dreams ? I know that single people lose their hope but, they dream of something anyway ! Only normal people can dream of a true life ! I could have a feeling that even the heart, stops in time like a thought ? Travel, is a scary dream, that most of us are afraid of dreaming it ! They say: wait God's will but, what if God's willl never will be ??? The pain that I don't say is my best friend ! The target is here in your mind it can affect your emotions like the waves of the sea ! But, my mind and heart still whispers to God even when it has no hope ! Some princess don't have a dad, that's why they can't dream about a prince ! What is loneliness without existing ? I feel the sky in such loneliness but, why ? Maybe next time death will be my friend . Even if I wish to love someone, I think there is no one to love me ! And even again if you want there isn't, stop dreaming of it like a travel happiness ! She and her crazy dreams of traveling, like a book that no one reads it ! We are so old sometimes for love but, time is everything in God's will !... When our blessings depends on an umbrella of rain drops ! You must swallow your soul to find happiness in the deepest shadow of your little pieces of waiting your mind that it may come one day in your way, like a travel gift ! Wind of summer look, I am a lonely girl but,, I'm good even I don't know why .! I can not choose what I can not dream ! Two galaxy in the night and it was sun in my hair wind ! Oh my soul, faith is not your loneliness ! There is not someone for all of us ! It was a night when I missed the heaven ! Night should always be warm and quiet even when you are alone ! It is too late for blessings ! And you are gone like the last breath that was so sweet , His voice and words was in you like a blessing from heaven for me ! Summer is like a sweetcorn, when you taste and eat it... it has no more life in it ! There is hope when you don't have faith ! If the last will end in a next way to love, hmmm ? Summer end is the beginning of sometning good !.

                                                                                   - A. A. Popovici,

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