Saturday, 19 August 2017

Never again !

When I miss autumn I know that summer has ended all my hopes ! Even happiness grows in time with the pain close ! The blue look of a boy is the cutest gift for a girl ! I like the loneliness of the sky because, she is my only friend ! Happiness is the summer of death hopes, like a feeling in time ! I'm dreaming of children time . The pain of the sky is worse than your own black thoghts ! Where can I find the heart that does not see me ? The shadow of my mind is like a growing plant ! If I have a little faith, do my life will be other than this,,, or just a burden in the wind of my grave breath !? Silence grows when rain touches your heart in a quiet melody ! Oh my sky, I will be forever alone, where are you ? In life are thorns that always are with you, they never let you go like a darkness ! A spring without a flower it tells you that, there is no love for  you ! I walk alone on the road because, I'm different in my path ! The thing is that I don't dream of nothing, yet ! My spooky love is my true friend and the best, that it was too late in the end !  Travel to montanies are so refreshing like a sweet joy of life ! Will my future dance like others, do I have hopes for the dreams that I dream it ? I hated night and wanted light but now I miss night without light ! What is strength without faith and pain without happiness ?  The way you look is more important than the way you think- that's really sad ! Dreaming to travel somewhere . Do I really have best friends ? It was my old friend that I waited and miss it ! I can't never fly like everyone else but, I can dream even when it may not come true ! In a day when, the sky was my only friend. Life goes on with a memory of a friend ! Waiting is like a dream that sorrow your breath for life . I never have known that the silence was the death . Green and blue are at the same time your fresh breath, eat the joy of your fruit life ! Until there is no love without flowers ! Even the graves will rise up in the day that the love will come for me ! There isn't any hope, no way for me ! The only way to be yourself it is to dream it . When you are all alone with yourself the song of your road is quiet ! A smile can travel without you there . Even friends are not really friends ! When you have a cute boy next to you, life is more beautiful even when your mind knows that you will be forever alone ! I will cherish the pain like a grave that has no dust in it and when you have pain you can do anything ! My shadow are my steps that never will find the road of love !.

                                                                                         - A. A. Popovici,

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