Sunday, 4 February 2018

They say; I think:

They say;
- How come that you are still single?
I think:
- Maybe, it is because no one is there for me!
They say;
- And you plan on living like this always?
I think:
-Why not, I'm still me and no one else will change that.?
They say;
- Is that what you really want in life?
I think again:
- I dream of what it can't never become true!
They say;
- Did you pray enough to Him?
I think:
- In my darkness days I screamed to His love but, I stopped now!
They say;
- Sure, HE always is answer no--- because always it does?
I think again and again:
- Ya sure!! Only for some people He really does!...
They ask;
- Forever alone and believe so to be all your life?
I think and say:
- Don't ask again about the burden of my grave.

                                                                              - A. A. Popovici,

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