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Blessing or ?.

Don't say a blessing or something to someone if
you don't believe it comes true for that person !
First love yourself and only then be with someone you love !.
I like hard stuff because they are shocking to the eyes and heart .,
Even my face will remain only a paint of someone .
How worst it is a book without a lover, it can be strange to the heart .?
I write my soul in pieces that don't exist !
My time never will come so, I don't wait for it !
When I'm lost in my thoughts and all seems so green !
Maybe my dreams will fly like a plane but,
till then I still dream of my dust dreams .
Art is the photography that you make with your own life .
Do I really need to be normal to travel the world ?
I like to have boys like friends because they are cute !
Life is like a friendship, it ends when you stop to breathe it !
With to much learning you must always take care
because you don't know when your soul will fall in darkness !
One day,
even travel will be so blue like sea water and green like my feelings !

                                                   - A. A. Popovici,


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Florile pastelate .,

Florile inimii sunt pastelate ~primăvară asteptată .  Îmi plâng inima sfâșiată din mine ! Binecuvântările nu se spun doar se văd ! Poate că am crezut ce ai vorbit Tu dar. . .  Nu avea nici o formă plăcută ci dar se ascundea īn agonia vieții . Dacă viața ar fi o melodie dar, nu este ? Trebuie să trăiesc ca și cum nu ași exista .  Mi-ași fi dorit ce se dorește deși e târziu a mai aștepta un răspuns ! Pentru mine nu ai răspuns, totuși! Mi-am vazut visele spulberate în marea albastră- adâncă . Atunci când, bucuria devine reală viața este în culori vii pastelate și simți că respiri dragostea dulce a inimii !  Ce ași putea să îmi mai doresc și nu mi-am dorit în această viață ?!

- A. A. Popovici,

Green writer.

In time with my books.  In time with my thoughts. In time with my desires. In time with my sadness. In time with my writing. In time with my dreaming. In time with my plants. In time with my darkness.

In time with my lost hopes. In time with my sad piano -melody. In time with my waiting...  In time with my travel, feelings.

In time is my window door!

In time with my shadows. In time with my lover. In time with my thinking. In time with my happiness. In time with my words. In time with my loneliness.

All that I desire, All my dreams, All my hopes, Are in time for me!

I’m a green writer! In time with my own poetry! In time with my library of books.

                           - A. A. Popovici,

Morning year !

Scent of a man.
Art of a room.
It was lonely.
Happy new year is home.
Last feelings inside!
Be your own kind of fashion.
Friday cat friend.
Cappuccino outfit color.
Newspaper look.
Mood of a feeling.
Art without o feeling.
Touch of a word.
An hello of a good morning year!
Warm season is just you.
Wishing of you to be here.
Morning is a loneliness day.
Two hearts are alone.

- A. A. Popovici,