Friday, 9 March 2018

Never had ,...

- No love for me?
- Ah, not today.
- There is no love?
- Nop, haha!

Art is a color .
Poetry of words is my true lover . 
A burden is waiting .
Flowers in boots, 
And sun in summer sea !.
When you smile life is like an anime !
What is a woman ?
Always kiss me in spring,
I imagine my friend .
Do I really believe ?.,
I’m giving up on my dreams !
Black road of the sky is dark green !
Dark mirrow of two,
I have no feets !
Music tells you that you are fine ! 

What is art of a place ?
Women love like a pet .
I see the sea without you .
Where is my flower boy ?
Spring is fragile like tulips .
Fashion is nothing without you .
Dream about your fairy tale !
Pastel love is a spring kiss ! 
Listen your heart in a quiet place !

I never had,
I never will ...  

- A. A. Popovici,

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