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Details and friends !

All your friends say that they're your true friends but, they forget you even in the little details, haha ! They say I will pray for you but they think only of their blessing. No one is so close as they say they are- friends ! Hope only in yourself and God from the sky. Choose always your true friends because they can hurt your soul and heart ! It is okay to not have friends in life. Forever~ it really means that you are alone, trust me ! The journey of life it is so many times and always, just with you alone. There will be moments that you will think your life is without love and you wonder if there is no one for you there waiting for you ! Ya, let me tell you that there is no one waiting for you but, Jesus is. Deep in the darkness of your friends He is there waiting for you with true love ! Live in his true friendship. Disappointment is life and happy as well without friends ! I believe He loves me but for me there is no love. 

 If dreams come true for you, it doesn…