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It's fall soon ,.!

i don't look like others girls ...
so, take your time off !
just think of your pretty one .

they're not for everyone ?
no magic for me ?
afraid of my own breath .
your prayers are broken !

find the heart .
no words i may say to you .

i let my feet in dust
but like a hit down
you smile at me crazy !
then flowers disappear .

every sunday i go alone
i listen to His word
nothing- is never for me .

burdens are my joy in sky
i hurt in a soul that's no
breathe any more by herself .

you stay in the rain
i can't ever dance with you !
haha, life is cute ya ?.

i have forgot the tune of my life .,
you don't wish to hear my poetry ,
it's all that my heart have .

when i have no dreams
my style is just black .
a work of art is a soul ,.
it's fall soon ,,,
without a pray in my being !

- A. A. Popovici,

Her feelings ...

don't be just a mask feeling without it . dreaming girl , lonely with her feelings .

why , am i  sadness  like a  morning  without  breath ?,

did i felt empty  inside  my soul ?!

i look in to you  the breeze  kisses me like  a dream of you ,.

maybe you miss me  even when i don't  burden of the heart ?

it might be too late  for the air of my breath  in time like this  no magic for me !

you in a photo  where do i look ? may i see you someday ?. blue clouds in you .

- A. A. Popovici,

Blue shouted .?

i may not be
yours but ,
i'm everywhere
in the wind ...

Like a bird
Be your own

words hidden in me ,
i become crazy -
without them .

my blue shouted ?
why i exist in it ?!
warm of my fear ,
it felt dark .

- A. A. Popovici,

Flying clouds .

When the shadows of death comes for your soul, where do you think you will go !?
You breath until time stops but, then you just go and walk in hell or heaven .
So simple is life, like that !
The steps of your breath and life is short, it is so little life-
what good you will choose to do with it ?. . .
Some people breathe the air when others live the shadow of death,
they dream of they own soul .
Freedom- sometimes,
it's so hard to let go of someone you truly loved in life !
Clouds are flying in sorrow of our lives till
we meet again in kisses of the sun with an embrace of love .
Farewell all of you !

- A. A. Popovici,

Crooked love .

— What did you expect?  — Treat you like a princess?  — Well yes, kind of but.  — Haha, did you forget?  — You're on four wheels!  — Dear, you are a crooked love.  — Still waiting!   — Lol, I did really forget that!  — Anyway, dreams are dreams- no?  — Perhaps, who knows?  — True love, I think it is only for normal people.  — Hmm, I think you're right!  — At trash with your love of seeing it.  — Weak or strong it is your heart?  — Really?  — I must say I don't know!  — That's to bad, you see.  — I feel you're just playing a around...  — Pain it has many forms.   — Stop chasing love!  — Because in life there isn't such thing.  — Boys like us are sweet like a pancakes!   — And still weak like a flower.  — You may see it like a fairytale but it isn't like that!  — Don't take this like a hit on you.  — But, just stop dreaming little girl!  — Feelings are the window that never will open for you. 

- A. A. Popovici,