Thursday, 22 October 2015

12 months of year*°•..•°*

January 1. "creativity is something that you make with your mind 
and it becomes so warm like the winter snow .

February 2. " like a road of time you must be prepared, 
for what is coming in the life that you are living now !

March 3. "the melody of flowers are rising, 
like a color in the air of sunny days .

April 4. " love it must burn like a flame, 
to become someone's heart !

May 5. "spring has become like a time clock, 
so that may bring a blossom joy of truth .

June 6. " the battle of life isn't against someone, 
it is against yourself !

July 7. "like a blessing of summer, 
that comes with peace and hopes of new beginnings .

August 8. " sometimes, waiting becomes the living 
that brings true love in your life !

September 9. "days of the leaves are so full of sadness but, 
at the end it becomes a new life of breathing .

October 10. " kindness, it is the gift of an october, 
full of loving smiles that are around you !

November 11. "even snowflakes are so soft falling down on us, 
with such a warm embrace of cold joy .

December 12. " winter is rejoice in the son of God, 
that He has come to bring happiness to the lonely souls !

                                                                 - A. A. Popovici,


Details and friends ~haha !