Monday, 7 November 2016

Refuse lOve !

When you trust Him, a prayer always will be reality like a blessing that no one can give you but, only Him can! I refuse to beg lOve from someone just because I need it. Love doesn't exist without pain, so why desire it so much?! In love the darkness is the only friend that you have! There isn't such think like true love. It is hard for me to dream, my dream it is a scary wish! Don't believe someone when it say I lOve you because that is so fake and don't wait for someone's love ever. Why let love become something in your heart? I hope in your hope Lord even when, my breath stops of the pain that I feel. A mask of love is always a hand of burden in dreaming! I laugh when they say to me there exist love for you too, even so, they don't believe there is for me. Eyes of friendship is all they think I need in my life and a opened hand of them for me! But in reality, I just need a heart that sees my beyond of what I'm and understand what I really feel inside of this body! Why waste this life in just a smile face that never exist in reality?... I think my life will end soon without lOve but, my heart still waits for Him to come someday!

- A. A. Popovici,

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