Monday, 16 January 2017

The old me.

Hello, it is a good morning! Good dreams are always warm, cute and full of tomorrow Hopes! Stay warm like a feeling of the heart. Await a cute smile! Sometimes, even the frozen of my heart melts like a happiness in time- you don't see it but, it is there and it waits on you. You know, why the mirror sometimes it is the best camera to take a photo? Winter is a frozen time that melts with warm feelings. I never was a little girl when I was little but, now when I'm old, I'm a girl in time of lost memories! The old fashioned sometimes, is the best choice, be simple in your life but, kind in the same time to. Now it is the old me in a quiet old style of the heart. Toys are my best friends color of a nice cute day! lOve to play with words like, so many feelings and thoughts that I have- without a voice on my on to speak, I'm a very shy girl. . . >:D<

                                                                                   - A. A. Popovici,

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