Friday, 10 February 2017

The right prince!

To be a pretty lady is something that you learn all your life! So, what is a pretty face without a warm heart? Or a beautiful body, without the good looking of a soul?  Why, all men look only at a nice women and not, a women delicate with a beautiful mind and great heart? To be a gentleman is something that you choose to be and not just dreaming about it! Why, so many women choose to love men with no brain in they head and not a nice guy? Or is just a habit, not to wait for the right one? May you lost you dreams of a true prince that someday will come in your life? I don't know if is there a true friend that you have or not but, I believe there is just one that you can really trust in Him and that's God! When all my hopes are gone then my trust is in you Lord. Waiting in His promises shows that your faith isn't lost yet.. . ..

                     - A. A. Popovici,

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