Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Enjoy dreaming .,

It is a morning day without dreams but,
a warm one like a dream that may come true perhaps !
Little flowers are slipping in a rainy night,
alone in my bed like the stars that don't fall like trees!
What if, I was something, instead of nothing ?
I must enjoy what I don't have,
even when it is for everyone else but, not for me !!
Actually, think twice before you say something crazy !.,
Ii is scary how the pain it feels like a garden with flowers
that no one can see it in your soul !^
A writer is a dreamer, without dreams !
When you have a friend like a book,
life is sweet like a candy!
A summer that will become spring, perhaps !
To travel is just a dream for people that don't
have the possibility to go!
My waiting stops here, I'm not good so I don't deserve good !
I must lose my life in the deeply of my sadness.

                                                   - A. A. Popovici,

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