Sunday, 28 May 2017

Blue so green !

Cold morning, rainy day,,, where, are you my little dreams, I must wait on you to come maybe? Sometimes, travel is all that you have! Be alone, in the quiet rad of your loneliness because, at the end you will be just with yourself,,, with no one else. The art of a photo tells you a sad story, sometimes. Home is my best friend! Why, I am so afraid of loving someone? Books and fashion are like two happiness things that never let you alone! When was writing all that I have left in my life, the warmth of words are my breath!? I don't fit in many categories, so that's why I am alone. The greatest part in life is to be yourself not somebody else,,, be kind and cute at the same time! Do you always have a happy face like a clown that no one knows it, and try to be a good friend in a mask of smile? When the blue is so green and you can not see the sun because,you are alone and can't so out! Sometimes, the sun and the air are like a joy that you can't express in words!

                                     - A. A. Popovici,

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