Sunday, 25 June 2017

She loves alone .

I'm a woman that never will receive: happiness ,love or joy, she will not know love in her life ! Memory always last in our mind like a dream that was there something beautiful but, it last so little of that time ! Sometimes, I wonder why do you say; there is love, do you really know what is love or to love someone.? Alone, I will love you all my life and you will be reminder to me each day, for the one that's coming from you ! She received all that he gave in to her but, she loves alone . He goes and she receive the gift in this life of loneliness ! You  know, I may be left by you in the darkness alone but, I choose to love you . Did you think of me in this short time of our happiness in the night of summer ? I hope that one day you may see the gift that you let in me . Does this make you a man to let a women alone with your memory ?. Is that all men do? Why women love so much a mens heart without the breath of their lovers ? They say it they love her but, at the end of summer they disappear like the last joy of a happy dream ! Women had this big fear of beaing let quiet in the night by themselves,  that they think the love of a man is all that they need but,,, that's a foolish game of mens ! Never, dear women think that you wait to much on your truly prince ! Forget not that marriage is the only true love gift from God for you and your great and amazing man that your heart is waiting ! Don't ever think to throw away what you have in you, the girl that still waits like a dreamer on the stars that she isn't seeing it yet ! Have faith like they say it but, in your time to come never wait !, and when you choose to marry all women must know that- this is the road of it, for some it is easy but, the pain it is the same for all,,, so, "this is the road of a women !,.

                               - A. A. Popovici,

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