Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Self- art .

Nature and travel are my only dream in life of art ! Art of myself are the feelings that I can not tell in words ! I write alone about every photo that, I find in my walk in this life ! Sometimes, art is spooky. When writing is all that remains to me. I just have a dream, I don't know what is gonna come next ! Thinking is a history that is in your head, like numbers of math ! What is a feeling that words can't put it in white- black ? Art is more than the way the paint is, it's like the face of what your soul feels ! Black is a history of something that a memory can not forget what was in time ! What is a photo without a memory ? Or pain without a forgetfulness ? The lost memory of a photo . In  my loneliness I will stay because it's like a book without feelings and words ! The old art is like a painting, it sorrows your soul . When books are all that I have ! Pretty and art sometimes, are the same things . Writing is joy and sadness to . Photography is the art of our memories in time !

                                                                                     - A. A. Popovici,

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