Saturday, 28 October 2017

Tomorrow, because !.,

Let me love you tomorrow because today it is to late .
I'm dancing alone the waltz of this life !
Do you look for something that may come as your miracle in life ?
I'm not pretty or to cute for a boyfriend !
Beautiful clouds, cold autumn, where I will meet my lonely sky ?
I'm too old for dreams come true .,
I don't know how to make fun of a situation !
What hope do you have for people like me ?
The gift from a wish is when it becomes true ,.
He looks like autumn colors in my eyes !
--- Maybe, I ask to much of you Lord ?
--- I think so, you ask to much !
--- So, I will stop my prayers now ?
 --- I think you should stop, now !
Sometimes, you just choose to love and to dream like a wish in clouds !
When was the last time you saw a shadow, because it may tell you how long is your life ?
Don't believe all that you hear until you see it !
Sometimes, even the mirror is lonely because it shows the way I am !
Where is the fall without you in it ?
When grow means death !.
I'm not special enough .
How come, I don't know anything about love ?
Never think of your own happiness .
Everything in life is with pain, you can not avoid it !
What is prayer really, if not a pain that I carry all the time in my chest ?!
Love is something that not all people can have in their life !

                                                                              - A. A. Popovici,

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